Simply Shredz Black Pepper Sage Flavor Pulled Pork

Best dinner

Brand: Simply Shredz

Model: Black Pepper Sage Flavor Pulled Pork

OUR TAKE Unfortunately, there is no backcountry-friendly meat smoker (that we know of). Instead, pack this dried, ready-to-eat pulled pork. While Shredz isn’t a full meal in itself, it’s a great add-on. “I put it on top of my instant ramen, which made it taste more like a restaurant meal than a hasty campsite creation,” one tester says.

INGREDIENTS Soy sauce, honey, thyme, sage, and other spices result in an earthy, umami flavor that makes the shreds delicious even on their own. There are 20 grams of protein per packet.

TRAIL CRED Just make sure it lasts until dinner time: “My teenage boys made short work of this pork as soon as they smelled it,” says our Editor-in-Chief.