Point6 37.5 Hiking Light Crew

Most durable sock

Brand: Point6

Model: 37.5 Hiking Light Crew

OUR TAKE No one is harder on socks than thru-hikers, so we stuck a pair of the 37.5s on a tester walking the PCT. When a stick stabbed a hole through the front of his shoe on a southern section and punctured his sock, he figured he would have to replace the 37.5s at the next town. Not so. “After walking another 150 miles in these socks, the hole never got bigger,” he reports. (He did eventually purchase a new pair.) Credit Point6’s compact-spun yarn, made via a process that tucks the ends of the fibers inside the individual strands (instead of leaving them hanging out, where they can fray). Merino wool (64 percent) helps regulate sweat, and 29 percent nylon and 7 percent elastane content provides durability and stretch. 

TRAIL CRED “The elastane preserves the socks’ shape extremely well,” our tester says. “Over a full week between washes, they never bagged out.”


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