Versatile belay device

Brand: Petzl


OUR TAKE In 1991, Petzl set the standard for belay devices when it introduced the assisted-braking GRIGRI. Nearly 30 years later, the GRIGRI is still on our harnesses, and it’s better than ever. The new version can accommodate ropes from 8.5 to 11mm. (The GRIGRI 2 accommodated 8.9 to 11mm but worked best with 9.4 to 11mm ropes). As before, it’s still the standard for safety: Its camming device catches whippers, easily holds fallen climbers, and never slips, even on slick, new ropes. The GRIGRI’s ergonomic lever provides smooth lowering, and a new, larger clipping eye accommodates even the chunkiest locking carabiners. 

CRAG CRED “I’ve used it from climbing El Capitan to Morocco’s Taghia Gorge to the gym,” says one tester. “If you want a one-quiver belay device, this is it.”