HydraPak Velocity IT 1.5L

Best insulation

Brand: Hydrapak

Model: Velocity IT 1.5L

OUR TAKE We love sipping cold water on hot trail days as much as the next hiker, but we don’t love hauling heavy insulated bottles. Enter the Velocity IT, the first reservoir to sport double-wall foam insulation—a much lighter option than a 1-liter metal vessel. Our testers brought the Velocity into the southern Utah desert in 90°F temps and found that their water stayed cold for five hours. (For max chill time, insulated bottles are still best.) Bummer: The hose isn’t insulated, so your first few sips may be warm. (HydraPak sells an insulated tube separately for $18.) 

TRAIL CRED “On a 15-mile run near Colorado’s Uneva Pass in summer heat, I was tempted to turn around, but sucking down cold water helped me push through,” says a tester.

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