GSI Outdoors Escape 2L Pot

Best pot

Brand: GSI Outdoors

Model: Outdoors Escape 2L Pot

OUR TAKE Silicone collapsible pots are nothing new—we gave the Sea to Summit X-Pot an Editors’ Choice Award in 2015— but they usually don’t hold heat well. Not the Escape, which has an anondized aluminum heatsink ring on the bottom to help retain and distribute heat. “The boil time was faster than any pot I’ve used,” one tester says. “We had to conserve fuel while on Minnesota’s Superior Hiking Trail, so we ended up using the Escape exclusively. It worked.” (We verified the efficiency in an at-home test.) The silicone pot collapses flat. Plus, a nonstick, nontoxic coated bottom makes for easy cleanup, and holes in the lid make straining a cinch.

TRAIL CRED “I had a full load on the Superior Hiking Trail, and this pot was easy to tuck in my pack without playing gear Tetris,” our tester says. 

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