BUFF Junior New Original

Best kids accessory

Brand: Buff

Model: Junior New Original

OUR TAKE Packing for a camping trip with kids is already an exercise in “stuff” management, so any product that can be worn 12 different ways earns our stamp of approval. The same versatility and “don’t-leave-home-without-it” factor that won BUFF an Editor’s Choice Gold Award in 2014 make us love the mini version for our littles just as much.

THE DETAILS The BUFF’s synthetic microfiber is soft next to skin, so kids won’t fight it. Eco-bonus: The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

TRAIL CRED “During a trip in the Channel Islands, I used the BUFF to tame my daughter’s wild hair during the days and as a neck gaiter to keep her toasty in the evenings,” one parent says.