Balega Enduro Quarter

Best fitting sock

Brand: Balega

Model: Enduro Quarter

OUR TAKE No matter the size or the shape of their feet, testers raved about these socks. The Enduros, though they have a low, 2 percent elastane content, place the elastic bands along the top of the sock in Vs and lengthwise along the bottom. That mapping helps the socks stay in place and hold their shape without feeling like compression socks. Our tester reported that the Enduros never bagged out or slipped down on multiple treks on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula between washes. Moderate padding strikes a happy medium: They have more cushion than an ultralight sock, but better breathability than thicker ones. Caveat: The all- synthetic Enduros smell after just one day of wear.

TRAIL CRED “Usually when I run I end up with annoying marks on my feet from the seams on my socks, but that never happened with the Enduros,” one tester says.