Best kids sunglasses

Brand: Babiators

Model: Babiators

OUR TAKE Problem: Most kids sunglasses actually don’t block much UV light. Solution: Babiators, which are kid-size shades that have 100 percent UV protection and polarization (in select styles). They’re also sure to triple your Instagram likes.

THE DETAILS Rubber frames allow tiny hands to bend and twist the frame without breaking it, and the baby size has a built-in retainer. Best part? Babiators are durable enough to withstand little stomps on granite, and the polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant. But don’t sweat it if Junior loses them: Babiators will send you a free replacement.

TRAIL CRED “I didn’t worry about the kid carrier not protecting my 9-month-old’s eyes when the trail turned directly into the sun,” one Colorado tester says.