Getting Navy SEAL Gear

How to acquire your very own Navy SEAL Protective Combat Uniform.

Even if you’re not Special Forces material, you can wear the same high-performance PCU our elite fighters do. But you won’t find it at the local Army/Navy surplus store. In the quest for inexpensive sourcing, the wardrobe’s developers worked with the Institute for the Handicapped, an organization that directs government contracts to organizations that employ the blind and disabled. Now, three separate shops manufacture pieces of the PCU for sale to the general public.

Here’s a look at the whole system and how to buy it.

Level 1 Wicking layers (one color only, “bronzine” gray-green)

T-shirt: $23

Boxers: $18

Long-sleeve T-neck: $30

Pants: $38

Contact: Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Center, (606) 528-7490;

Level 2 “R1” style gridded fleece (one color only, “bronzine” gray-green)

Long-sleeve T-neck: $41

Pants: $36

Contact: Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Center

Level 3 “R2” fuzzy pullover

jacket: $84

Contact: Southside Training Employment and Placement Services (STEPS), (434) 315-5909;

Level 4

Hooded nylon windshirt: $93

Contact: O.R.C. Industries, (608) 781-7727;

Level 5

Combat suit: jacket $141

Pants $147

Contact: O.R.C. Industries

Level 6 Coated nylon rainsuit

Jacket: $79

Pants: $70

Contact: O.R.C. Industries

Level 7 Primaloft puffy suit(“alpha green” color)

Loft jacket: $189

Loft pants: $181

Loft vest: $94

Contact: Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Center

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