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Gerber Devour Multi-Fork

This multitasking utensil won't just keep you fed: It works as a can opener, flathead screwdriver, and more too.

Brand: Gerber

Model: Devour Multi-Fork

With some things, we don’t know we need a better option until we have one. Take the spork. We’ve been happily eating with various models for years—whatever gets food from bowl to mouth will do, right? Not so fast. The 7.6-inch-long, aluminum Devour changed our minds for two reasons: 1) It gets the utensil out of the dirt when you lay it down, and 2) it has multitool features for virtually no extra weight or bulk.

The removable multitool acts as a kickstand to keep the business end of the Devour off the ground, and has a hook so you can hang it off a pot. Pull the tool off and you have a can opener, bottle opener, box opener, pry bar, and two sizes of flathead screwdrivers. These are all light-duty tools—the extra piece is just a 9-gram sliver of aluminum—but that’s all we needed. Caution: One aggressive tester broke the plastic piece that connects the multitool to the spork. Just pull them apart, don’t pry. 

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