Gear Rx: Clothing

Everyone knows good outdoor clothing is expensive. See if you can save your old hiking apparel.

Can Fix

  • Broken zipper. See Gear Works, August 1996.
  • Unraveled seams, small tears. An easy fix at most repair shops or at home. See Gearworks, April 1996 for advice on stitching holes; see Gear Works, June 1999, for raingear repairs.
  • Delaminating seam tape on raingear. This fix requires a special machine, so find a certified repair shop.
  • Raingear that doesn’t repel. Restore the durable water repellent (DWR) finish at home or send it out. For a review of DWR treatments, see Outfitting, April 1998.

Can’t Fix

  • If an item is old or worn thin to the point that new holes are constantly appearing, repairs will be expensive and marginally effective.

Click here, for a guide to repair shops nationwide.

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