Gear Review: Zeal Zeta

Full-coverage lenses without the huge frames.

[small faces]

Mini-melon testers face a problem: Most full-coverage lenses come with big frames—so stems extend too far behind the ears and nose grip is sloppy. But the Zeta pairs a scaled-back fit with large wraparound lenses that extend to the temples for excellent peripheral vision and protection. “The frame blocks sun from above and below, but doesn’t look like my grandma’s BluBlockers,” says our Colorado tester. The polarized, copper-tinted lenses proved suitable for snowfields, rivers, and forests, providing excellent contrast. All-day comfort is outstanding, thanks to unusually flexible ear pieces that grip without pinching.

> Price $129

> Weight .9 oz.

> VLT 14%


See the Light
Use the VLT* percentage to choose the right lens. Less than 8 percent is ideal for open water, above treeline, and on snow; 9 to 18 percent is an all-purpose range; higher VLTs are best for low light, like overcast days and rainforest.

*VLT Visible Light Transmission = how much light passes through a lens