Gear Review: Tubbs Xpedition

Brand: Tubbs

Model: Xpedition Snowshoe

[Best Binding] “Getting in and out of the Xpeditions couldn’t have been easier. The fat straps cinched and released with a single tug, even when I was wearing chunky gloves,” says our Seattle tester after a late- season Mt. Rainier National Park foray. “I never lost traction, even on slopes of up to 35 degrees.” The pivoting binding design allows the user’s feet to swing freely away from the snowshoe’s deck on steeps, and gives the heel crampon more bite. The tapered oval frame is decked with two materials: the front is a stiff plastic for extra stability, while the rear sheet is thinner and more flexible to save weight. Testers unanimously praised the walkability—the rela- tively narrow profile (just over 8 inches at the widest point), and the slight upturn in the frame’s tails (minimizing rear drag) ensure a natural gait. Bonus: The bindings collapse flat, making them easy to carry in a pack. Gripe: They’re a little heavy. $230; m’s 25, 30, and 36 inches; w’s 21 and 25 inches; 4 lbs. 9 oz. (m’s 25);