Gear Review: Snow Peak Lapel Torch

Brand: Snow Peak

Model: Lapel Torch

For people who get headaches from headlamp straps or who just want more versatility in their light source location, this single LED bulb fastens (magnetically) wherever you need it. Testers found that by affixing it to clothing at chest level, they could create a wide pool of soft light to work by without blinding their campmates every time they looked up. “It also makes a great tent light,” reports a Utah tester, who attached it to a loop at the apex of the tent.

Gripe:The light is tethered to a Post-It-pad-size battery pack, which you store in a pocket or clip to a pack strap, and it sometimes takes clever cord management to keep it from getting tangled. $60; 2.4 oz.; IPX4; 3 AAAs; 70 lumens;

Added Tester Notes:
Nick Kozel: All in all this is a great camp light. It is very versatile and has many mounting options. It is very bright but can also be dimmed when needed.
Bruce Kreutzer:For general backpacking and camping it would be a great second light, or a primary light for ultralight backpacking.
Bridger Kroenke: Overall it’s a good and versatile light but the cord connecting the light to the battery pack sometimes got in my way. This light will not replace a headlamp for me, but due to the versatility, lightweight, and size, it has earned a place in my pack as a backup light.

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