Gear Review: Smith Pivlock V90 Sunglasses

Rimless and interchangeable

Best interchangeable

Because the Smith Pivlock V90 is totally rimless, it affords peerless range of vision. “Up, down, and peripherally, nothing hindered my vision by even a millimeter,” says one tester. The V90 features one continuous lens that extends across the nose; you switch it out for another by yanking up on the stems (which feels like dangerous gear abuse the first time, but it works) and transferring the nosepiece from the old to new lens. Each V90 comes with three tints, made of a proprietary polycarbonate material called Carbonic TLT. Thinner at the edges than in the center, the tapered lens eliminates distortion, and the polycarbonate is so shatter resistant it endured drops on rock, lid-pocket crunching, and being sat upon—without breaking. $139; 1 oz.;

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