Gear Review: Scarpa Terminator X Boot

High performance telemarking boots that work in traditional and NTN binding setups.

[versatile boot]

Unlike most tele boots, the Terminator X fits more than traditional tele bindings. It also works with alpine touring “tech” bindings and what is arguably the most powerful telemark binding style on the market, the New Telemark Norm (or NTN, see below). “This boot has superb comfort for the uphill and the perfect amount of ‘oomph’ to power heavy skis through the crappiest conditions,” says one free-heeler, who skied it both in and out of bounds in Colorado. Our testers say NTN bindings work best for aggressive skiers who like to dive into turns rather than feather them. The Terminator measures up thanks to triple injection molding: Stiff plastic is under the arch for support, softer plastic is in the tongue, cuff, and hinge area for deep genuflecting, and the softest stuff is in the bellows, atop the toes. An additional internal support wraps the foot and creates excellent energy transfer between boot and ski, and the plastic stays supple in all but the coldest temps (down to 5°F). The liner offers exceptional comfort and warmth with plenty of forefoot space for your feet to swell (without being sloppy). $700; 7 lbs. 2 oz. (m’s 27); m’s 22.5-30;