Gear Review: Revo Guide Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses that can handle glare from water, snow, and alpine environments.

The Guide is engineered to combat aquatic glare—but those same properties make it a smart choice for snow and alpine glare. The polarized Serilium lenses (made with a particularly pure type of polycarbonate) provide outstanding optics that approach the sharpness of glass lenses, and the inside is coated with an anti-reflective treatment that further reduces glare.

The water lens performs perfectly on snow, reports a tester who wore them while skiing Iceland’s fjordlands. “On a cloudless, day-long tour from shoreline to summit and back, my eyes never felt fatigued,” he says.

The large frames provide enough coverage that testers opted for the Guide instead of goggles except in the worst conditions. The Guide was also a tester fave for paddling, fishing, sailing, and hiking.

Bonus: The frame is 100-percent-recycled nylon. Bummer: They steam up during extreme exertion.


1 oz.