Gear Review: Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

This best all-around headlamp passed every test we threw at it.

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Best All-Around

Best All-Around

From spotlighting trees along a compass bearing during a nighttime bushwhack through Colorado’s White River National Forest to softly illuminating pages of the latest Tom Clancy, the Remix passed every test we threw at it. Credit four light options (two levels in both spot and flood mode) and excellent battery life. In camp—where headlamps get the vast majority of their use—its three-LED floodlight (also available in night vision-friendly red or battery-friendly green) lit the close range better than any other light; in spot mode, a fourth, high-power LED penetrated the darkness up to 170 feet.

After banging it around for months, one tester raved that its construction is “drop-off-a-cliff strong.” Its overly-stiff swiveling mechanism takes two hands to adjust, but after a groggy late-night pee trip, one tester happily noted that the 120° range-of-motion means “the lamp has no upside down.” Bummer: The big on/off button can accidentally engage.

> Batteries 3 AAAs

> Weight 3 oz.

> Price $45


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