Gear Review: Point6 Ski Light Sun Sock

Ski socks that protect shins from boot bang.


During a weeklong ski trip in Norway, with 11 p.m. sunsets that meant loooong days of skinning, skiing, and bootpacking in a variety of snow conditions and temperatures ranging from 20 to 50°F, these merino wool knee-highs kept our tester’s always-cold feet comfortably warm and dry. And with ample shin cushioning to take the sting out of boot bang, as well as full-length padding underfoot, the Ski Light Suns enhanced the comfort of even the stiffest, tightest boots.

The heel cushioning splits into two Band-Aid-size strips on either side of the Achilles, creating a pocket that holds your heel in place and prevents the sock from bunching in your boot. $21; 3.3 oz (w’s L);