Gear Review: Nikon Ecobins

There's no lead or arsenic in these green-glassed binoculars.

Green Gear
Most optical glass contains lead and arsenic, but not Nikon’s Eco-Glass, which the company developed to reduce its impact. The Ecobins also come with a non-chloride rubber body free of inks and dyes, and a strap made from fast-growing eucalyptus wood. But do they perform? Thumbs up, say our testers. These 10×25 binocs deliver impressive clarity for their trim size and weight. “Great for spotting raptors high in the pines,” said an editor who used them throughout a summer and fall in the Rockies. Their waterproof construction kept them from fogging, and the compact dimensions (3.5 x 4 inches) make them comfortable to wear around the neck and easy to stow in a lid pocket. Nitpick: The green color may be good for marketing, but try to find them in a meadow. $200; 13 oz.;