Gear Review: Nikon Coolpix 510 Camera

A point-and-shoot with advanced hiker-centric chops


A point-and-shoot with advanced hiker-centric chops—that’s how our test team couched this do-it-all unit. “It’s a perfect option for backpackers who want the versatility of a DSLR but don’t want the hassle and weight of extra lenses, or the higher price,” says our photo editor. Testers praised the pick-up-and-shoot ease-of-use, and appreciated advanced features like a manual setting and shutter and aperture priority—hard to find on your average point-and-shoot.

GPS tagging easily let us view locations with Google Maps in iPhoto, and our deputy editor was able to capture a fly on a cottonwood leaf from 30 feet away with the 42x zoom. “I was testing the autofocus but when I downloaded the shots, I could clearly make out wings, legs, and eyes—impressive for any camera at that range,” he says. The 1080p HD video is also crisp and clear. Gripe: No RAW format setting. $430; SD card; rechargeable battery; 1 lb. 2.2 oz.;