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Gear Review: Magellan Switch Series GPS

This GPS is perfect, however you get from A to B.

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If your typical weekend involves transitioning from hiking boots to fat tires, kayaks, road bikes, and back, this might be your go-to device. Wrist- or handlebar-mounted, the Switch Up boasted both the fastest satellite acquisition (under 30 seconds) and highest-detail track in our test. Our map editor tracked for seven hours before rejuicing, making this GPS ideal for cross-training hikers and close-to-home adventurers. Like the Ambit, a companion website serves up analytics, import/export, and social tools. Gripes: The Switch Up sits snugly in the bike mount, making it difficult to detach, plus it’s a bit high profile for all-day wear. Budget minded? Go with the Switch, a non-mount version (no barometer or thermometer). $350 (Switch Up), $280 (Switch); 2.6 oz.;