Gear Review: Helly Hansen Verglas Hybrid Baselayer

Nordic skiiers and runners will love this moisture moving layer.

[moisture mover]

“This multifabric shirt is great for sweat-fests like Nordic skiing and running,” says our Vermont tester. “It pulled moisture from my skin instantly, so I never felt chilled.” Mix-and-match construction maximizes performance in key areas. On the chest, lower back, and arm panels, the shirt uses polypropylene inside (for wicking) and merino on the outside (for warmth).

In places where heat and perspiration concentrate, an open-weave, waffle-mesh blend of polypro and polyester (just poly under the arms) enhances ventilation. Bonus: Thumb loops prevent gapping at the wrists, and a zippered chest pocket holds an iPod. $100; 10 oz. (m’s L); m’s XS-XXL, w’s XS-XL;