Gear Review: GoPro HD Helmet HERO Video Camera

A tiny helmet camera that delivers flat-screen-worthy footage.

Can a tiny video camera deliver flat-screen-worthy footage? A resounding “yes,” says our crew. A minimalist’s dream, the light and compact GoPro HD can be mounted just about anywhere (an airtight plastic case, helmet strap, and mounts are included), and at 3.5 ounces, it’s the lightest unit in our test.

We cocked an eyebrow at the retro 80s style, but after reviewing the one-page guide, we were converted to the simplicity of the two-button system. And since it shoots 1080HD video and 5-megapixel photos, there’s no reason not to pack it.

Our executive editor took one on a running tour of California’s Lost Coast and was able to grab stunning video and photos on the fly, then download them with zero hassle. “I loved how easy it was to toggle between modes with one button, and loved even more how it survived getting dropped when I tripped over tree roots in my haste.” The only thing missing is an LCD screen. Buy one that clips into the back of the unit ($80).


SD card


3.5 oz.