Gear Review: GoLite DriMove BL-2 Longsleeve Zip Baselayer

This fast-drying shirt has a special ingredient&ndashCocona Minerale fabric.

Best for Wet Weather

How fast does this shirt dry? One tester soaked it in the sink on a 60°F day in Colorado, then went for a run with drips trailing behind. The shirt was noticeably drier in five minutes and completely dry (except for heavier material around the zipper) within 10 minutes. The secret: Cocona Minerale fabric, which combines tiny, porous volcanic minerals with polyester, creating more surface area and faster drying.

Also, a waffle-weave design allows air to circulate and swaths of lighter fabric cover high-sweat zones. Anti-stink performance gets a C: It’ll get you through a weekend, but just. Use it for short trips in humid conditions. Fit is snug. $55; 7 oz.; men’s S-XXL, women’s XS-XL;

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