Gear Review: Gerber Crucial Multitool

This midsize multitool lacks excess.

This midsize multitool stayed clipped to my pack all spring and emerged ding- and rust-free. My favorite feature? What it lacks. Namely, excess tools like extra flathead screwdrivers or an awl. What it has: A 2.5-inch, half-serrated blade that opens with one hand and stayed sharp through countless tasks–from food prep to shaving dry tinder from the innards of wet firewood during a Mt. Mansfield hut trip; one flathead and one Phillips-head screwdriver; a carabiner-style clip; and sturdy, sharply pointed needle-nose pliers.

Pros It’s simple and durable.
Cons The closing mechanisms are sometimes sticky; the belt clip is overkill.

Best For
Minimalists who want a legit multitool

Tester Data
Kristin Hostetter
Duration March to April
Locales/conditions VT, MA; skiing, hut camping

“The asymmetrical handle is comfortable, but, in pliers mode, rest the silver side against the fingers or the pointy nub on the end will dig into your palm.”