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Gear Review: Exped Mira 1 Tent

A freestanding, double-wall solo tent that's light and packable


More comfortable than a tarp but lighter and more packable than most solo tents, the freestanding, double-wall Mira I is a good pick for solo travelers who want to escape the chaos of huts and shelters. With one long arched spine pole and two shorter crossing ones, setup is simple—even in 20-mph winds. Without guying, it stood firm through gusts in Channel Islands National Park, and the protected door design keeps rain from coming inside. Space is ample—sitting upright is comfortable (I’m 6’1”), and the 7.5-square-foot vestibule has room for cooking and storage. Downside? Ventilation. Condensation built up on 50°F nights.

Best For

Solo hikers in wet climates; ounce-counters who want basecamp livability

Tester Data

> Merrill McCauley

> Duration Sept. to Nov.

> Locales/conditions CA, 50°F to 80°F; winds up to 20 mph, light rain

> “A pass-through zipper on the non-door side makes it convenient to store a water bottle close at hand, but where it can’t leak and soak my bag.”