Gear Review: Dahlgren Multisport Compression Socks

Thin, graduated compression knee-highs that that keep the blood moving in your legs.

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“These socks made me feel like I was hiking on a younger man’s legs,” said a tester after a peakbagging weekend among New Hampshire’s 4,000-footers. “And I’m only 32!” Credit the medium tightness (compared to other compression socks we tried, which can be brutal to get on), which gently keeps blood pumping through your legs, rather than letting it pool up and cause swollen feet. (They’re also great for recovery from post-hike soreness or for maintaining blood flow on long flights.)

Slip these thin, graduated (tight in the ankle and looser as you move up the calf) knee-highs on before going to bed and you’ll feel fresh by morning as they move unoxygenated blood out of your feet and allow oxygenated blood in. The socks have plentiful poly, nylon, and spandex for stretch, but the wool content (a blend of merino and alpaca for durability) keeps extremities warmer, drier, and relatively stink-free. $30; 2.5 oz.;