Gear Review: Costa Tuna Alley with 580G Green Mirror Lens Sunglasses

View the world with clarity wearing these copper-tinted lenses from Costa,

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Want vision that matches the scenery? Whether spotting wallabies and exotic foliage in Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem National Park or distinguishing the countless shades of green in seaside jungle landscapes, our team touted the clarity of these sunglasses. Although other lens colors are available, and we’re always reluctant to swap a polycarbonate lens for a glass one (heavier, more expensive, and not shatterproof), we made an exception with Costa’s glass-only polarized green lens.

With a copper tint and a glare-combating mirror that’s embedded (rather than coated on) to prevent it from delaminating, the lenses made terrain features pop in low-light and in variable conditions—like shimmering ocean or lakes under an overcast sky. Sticky rubber on the temples and nosepiece keeps the shades secure, and ventilation holes on the frame’s outer lower edges combat fogging. Check fit: For some testers, the frame edges slightly obscured peripheral vision. $250; 1.6 oz.;