Gear Review: Costa Del Mar Zane Sunglasses

Worth the price, the Costa Del Mar Zane sunglasses have polarized lenses perfect for spotting fish despite the water's glare.

Yes, these premium shades cost more than the Redington rod, but if you become serious about fishing, you want to see your quarry. You could get the Zane with polarized polycarbonate lenses ($139)—which are both cheaper and shatterproof—but for spotting fish in deep water, the optical quality of these glass lenses is tops. The polarized lenses cut surface glare, have the superior clarity of glass, and filter out yellow light so the eye can pick up more reds, greens, and blues. “While my friends in other shades struggled, I zeroed in on trout in the deep, mirror-finished waters in Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness,” says our tester. The slip-free nylon frames are all-day comfortable, while the full- coverage shape allows very little light to sneak in around the edges. $219; 1.6 oz.;