Gear Review: Costa Del Mar Cat Cay Sunglasses

Full-coverage lenses that let zero light seep, but shades that don't overwhelm a small face.

Brand: Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Reviews

Model: Cat Cay





I’m super-picky when it comes to shades. I want full-coverage lenses that let zero light seep in around the frame, but I don’t want that oversized, Jackie-O look that often comes with such protection. The face-hugging, mid-size Cat Cays fit the contours of my cheekbones perfectly, sealing out light like glacier glasses. Over five months of daily wear, from equatorial sun to drab days with gray light reflecting off snow and water, the Cat Cays were all I needed. Costa’s gray 580 polarized polycarbonate lenses (other options available) filter out yellow light—known for causing eye fatigue—and enhance blues, greens, and reds for a sharp view with good contrast and depth. $149; 1.1 oz.; available with copper, amber, and mirrored (blue, green, or silver) lenses;

Best For

People who want max coverage—without clunkiness—in all conditions 

Tester Data

Kristin Hostetter

Jan. to May

WhereMA, VT, Jamaica; bluebird, overcast, drizzle

“Three tiny vents on each side of the lightweight nylon frame direct airflow behind the lens to prevent fogging.”