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Gear Review: Brunton Sustain2 Battery

Your electronics will never run out of juice with this portable battery charger.

[heavy-duty power]

For power-hungry travelers with thirsty devices, this packable, 6000mAH lithium polymer battery stores enough juice for five hours on a laptop (20 for a phone). We used it on car camping trips, business travel, even extended backpacking treks. Plugged into an outlet, it took 12 hours to reach 80 percent, and then trickle charged to capacity after 18. On a four-day trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, our tester was able to charge an Android phone running GPS and photo apps, and also top off the batteries of his digital camera and rechargeable headlamp. The battery’s automatic shut-off feature gave testers peace of mind when it was stashed in a side pocket (it’s about the size of two folded USGS quads), as they didn’t have to worry about wasting power. Bonus: It’s compatible with a solar roll for extended field time. Caveats: Testers wished for multiple USB ports for simul-charging. And it’s heavy (though it packs maximum power per dollar). $300; 1 lb. 7 oz.;