Gear Review: Baladeo 34 Gram Knife

This long blade is great in the backcountry kitchen.

[ultralight kitchen knife]

Talk about minimalism: In order to keep the stainless-steel blade long (four inches) and the weight low, designers reduced the handle of this knife to a skeleton. “Typically, knives this light have blades half the length, which can make for tedious garlic chopping and messy peanut butter smearing,” says our tester. “Not this one.”

When the knife is closed, the edge seems slightly exposed; we thought this would cause accidents, but the blade is chisel ground (see Blades 101, below), so the sharp edge rests totally flush with the handle. Tradeoff: The cutout handle doesn’t feel as ergonomic in hand as heavier knives. (Tip: Keep the handle’s star-shaped screw tight to eliminate wiggle.) $40; 1.2 oz.;