Gear Review: Atlas Sprout/Mini Kids' Snowshoes

Lightweight snowshoes that keeps kids elevated and happy

Want to get your kids out of the sled and onto their feet? Get the Sprout (girls’ version is the Mini). These lightweight snowshoes proved very adept at keeping youngsters atop the snow—and frustration-free—even in 20 inches of downy powder in Idaho’s Paradise Valley. One tester’s 6- and 8-year-old girls could securely strap on their own Minis, even when wearing heavy gloves, and the injection-molded plastic deck provides good flotation in all kinds of snow for kids weighing up to 80 pounds—regardless of footwear. “I love being able to walk on the snow!” says one new recruit.

The shoes also gave our little testers outstanding traction, thanks to aggressive steel crampons under the forefoot and a multi-angle snowflake-pattern of sharp, molded ridges across the bottom of the decking. “My 8-year-old strapped into the harness wearing his bulky snowboarding boots without any trouble,” says the mother of another tester. “He was able to kick-step up to Alta Vista on Mt. Rainier with us, and he had better traction than some of the adults on the descent.”


1 lb. 15 oz.; 17 inches