Gear Review: Atlas Fitness

Brand: Atlas

Model: Fitness Snowshoe




[Most Nimble] This snowshoe managed rough territory and tricky conditions in four states. “I had zero trouble going through terrain changes, or going up and down everything the skiers were doing, even a gnarly snow gully,” reported a tester after a 60-mile Montana trip where he was the only snowshoer. The relatively small aluminum frame tapers sharply in back, minimizing tripping and allowing it to track straight. And testers raved about the binding’s comfort and ease of use—a single pull cinches the forefoot and a rubber strap wraps the heel. While the size and design say fast-and-light, the Fitness handled big loads as well. Even carrying a 50-pound pack and pulling a 75-pound sled on packed snow, says a tester, “It felt like I was wearing a full-sized snow- shoe in terms of stability and support.” Drawbacks? A snowshoe this light isn’t ultradurable; our test pair shows some wear on the underside of the decking. And the small size limits flotation, making it best for not-so-deep snow. $180; 22 inches; 2 lbs. 8 oz.;