Gear Review: Arc'teryx Motus Crew SS

This t-shirt was voted our "best synthetic"

Think quick-dry synthetic shirts are all the same? You haven’t worn the Motus. “It’s superior in fit, performance, and durability,” says our tester after a year’s worth of trips. From Wyoming’s Wind River Range to Iceland’s fjords, the Motus wicked moisture faster than its competitors thanks to a Phasic SL fabric that interweaves two yarns (a ribbed polypropylene with a hydrophobic polyester) to disperse sweat through the polypro’s tiny channels. Instead of using slow-drying Spandex, the fabric relies on mechanically created crimps in the yarn that enhance elasticity—as well as underarm gussets—to provide full freedom of movement despite the shirt’s trim cut. One wearer describes the fit as “perfectly tailored for a thin build but not annoyingly tight.”

The feather-light fabric feels silky and cool on scorching days, but proved plenty durable: Months of abrasion from backpacks and washing machines caused no pilling or snagging. Styling is pleasantly basic—no hidden pockets or headphone ports. Antimicrobial ionized silver is encapsulated in the polypropylene to kill odor-producing bacteria, but the Motus did develop funk after three days of wear. Bummer: The women’s version includes complicated seaming and a back pocket that chafed beneath a pack. $59; 3.5 oz. (m’s M); m’s S-XXL, w’s XS-XL;

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