Gear Review: adidas Swift Solo Sunglasses

These versatile shades from adidas provide no-slip comfort coupled with clear, natural colors.

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During five straight days and more than 100 miles of trekking through sun, wind, and swirling dust in Arizona and Utah, the Swift Solo shined because of its no-budge fit and any-time-of-day lens. Thanks to the LST Polarized lens, our tester reported excellent clarity and definition on that trip as well as while hiking in bright sun along the Tasmanian coast, where the polarized lens cut glare off of the sea. “The warm tint doesn’t alter natural colors to the point of annoyance,” he says. “And I appreciated the full-coverage frame during long, bright days.” It allows zero light seep, and doesn’t block your field of vision.

Another tester loved the rose-colored LST Active lens (pictured) and never had an issue with fogging, even on high-output runs along Colorado’s Front Range in balmy fall weather or in cooler winter temps. Want to tailor the performance to specific conditions? Pop out the lenses and replace with one of 11 options (sold separately, $39 to $89). Bonus: A quick-release hinge allows the temples to pop away from the frame upon impact, preventing damage. $99-149 (depending on lens); 1 oz.;