Gear Guide 2012: Ryders Clamor Sunglasses

Bargain sunglasses that perform

Demanding environments tend to reveal shortcomings in bargain sunglasses that perform just fine in town—we’re looking at you, gas station aviators—but the value-priced Clamor actually has the performance cred to go high and wild. “The lens prevented eyestrain while I was backpacking in the sun-soaked Yosemite high country,” says our tester, who also wore them in the Grand Canyon. Both environments demand glare-cutting polarization, which is injected into the Clamor’s polycarbonate lenses (instead of applied to the surface, where it can get rubbed off) and prevents eye fatigue over hours of wear.

The curved frame also keeps light from sneaking in over the top and sides, and silicone nosepieces hold it firmly in place, even during runs. The dark gray tint is ideal for bright sun: “Dark enough for open tundra, but light enough to be functional in forests,” says our tester. Tradeoffs: Ventilation is good only in breezy environments; without vents or anti-fog lens coatings, they fogged in still conditions and warming temperatures. And check fit: One tester dinged comfort, saying they pinched behind the ears after a few hours’ wear. $70; 1.3 oz.;

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