Gear Guide 2012: adidas Terrex Fast sunglasses

No-fog sunglasses that are built for the active user

Perfect for high-octane hikers who spend most of their time on windy, treeless summits—or executing acrobatic climbing moves—the Terrex Fast stays put in situations that send normal sunglasses flying. A lighter, trimmer version of the Terrex Pro (see our review at, the Fast also provides gogglelike coverage. The frame is lined with removeable hydrophobic foam that hugs your face to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes, providing total wraparound protection from high-altitude sun and wind. Yet ventilation is excellent, thanks to perimeter vents that let moist air escape.

“They never fogged while I was climbing or running, or when I stopped moving after being on the go,” says our tester, who wore them through 14-hour days of hiking and issued kudos for their comfort and versatility. By swapping out the standard stems for an elastic headband (included) while climbing near Yosemite, our tester kept these shades secure while executing moves that would’ve jilted other sunglasses. The stems also pivot to customize the lens angle. Curved, wraparound lenses provide unimpeded peripheral vision (interchangeable dark and orange lenses are included). In fact, the Fast proved so valuable to our tester, he actually wore the women’s pink-and-purple test pair.

“They’re that good,” he raves. Downsides: Even with the darkest tint, testers wished for more light reduction in the intense sun of Colorado’s high Rockies. The lenses are more scratch-prone than most: Careful storage is essential. And they cost more than some tents. $210; 1.2 oz. (with foam);