Gear Guide 2009: REI Halo 25 Sleeping Bag Review

Great bag all around that also costs less than most competitors.

Best Buy

It’s easy to find a legit three-season bag that weighs less than two pounds. But one that also costs less than $300? Now that’s a score. The Halo manages the feat with 750-fill down and a light-but-durable polyester ripstop shell. It’s basically an updated version of REI’s venerable Sub Kilo, and we found it to be considerably warmer–even during a late-season trip through Escalante, with temps that dipped into the low 20s.

It comes in men’s and women’s versions, with plenty of room in the torso and a snugger cut in the legs that’s efficient without causing midnight tangles. Cold sleepers and hikers who routinely push their three-season trips into the teens will want something warmer, but everyone else should get the Halo and pocket the change. $259; 1 lb. 15 oz.; 25°F

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