Gear Guide 2009: Nemo Gogo EX Tent Review

The Nemo Gogo works great for tall hikers--provided you don't mind not sitting up.

Long and Light

The tallest hikers usually get squeezed by the lightest tents. Not so with the Gogo’s floor plan. With 124 inches from foot to door, an NBA center could unfurl completely–though he couldn’t sit up. In order to stay well under three pounds, the tent compensates for XXL lie-down space with XXS headroom (peak height is 26 inches). Nemo’s signature inflatable design–an air beam, not poles–provides structure. And though it’s not freestanding, the Gogo is simple to pitch: Just inflate the central arch and stake out the perimeter.

Two doors–at the side and head–are convenient, but vestibule space is too small for a full-size pack. The rainfly’s perimeter hugs the ground for a tight seal against blowing rain and snow, but that also limits ventilation: Testers reported condensation at the foot in all conditions. $299; 2 lbs. 8 oz.

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