Gear Guide 2009: Marmot Crib 3P Tent Review

If you're taller than tall, the Marmot Crib could be for you.

Best for Tall Guys

How long is this tent? Our 6’1″ tester said, “I could stretch out completely and still have two feet of space at the end–enough for my 80-pound dog.” And the Crib doesn’t rob Peter to pay Paul: Ceiling height (42 inches) and width (70 inches) allow three full-size adults to share the tent in comfort. Like the best freestanding designs we’ve seen in this category, a hubbed pole with two shorter brow poles maximize headroom.

Vestibules stow a trio’s worth of gear, but the doors’ drop-down mesh panels lie on the ground and get in the way when unzipped. The spacious interior and ground-hugging rainfly, which repels blowing rain in the worst storms, make this a great choice if you like to push your hikes into wild shoulder-season weather. $389; 6 lbs. 3 oz.

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