Garmont 9.81 N AIr G S Mid GTX

Most comfortable footwear

Brand: Garmont

Model: 9.81 N AIr G S Mid GTX



1lbs. 11oz.

Norway’s fjords offer a bounty of terrain that can make feet beg for mercy: craggy ridgelines, rocky beaches, sloppy bogs. But the 9.81 N Air G S Mid’s unique design made sure that our tester traversed it all without his feet complaining, even over 12 straight days of hiking with a 30-pound pack on his back. Comfort starts with an asymmetrical mid-cut cuff; it’s higher on the inside to cushion your ankle bone as you stride. The boot’s thick mesh tongue doesn’t slip or press atop the foot, and ankle pads connect to the heel cup for a complete heel lock-down. “I walked more than 100 miles and never had sore, wet, or uncomfortable feet,” our tester says.

$180; 1 lb. 11 oz.; m’s 8-13, w’s 6-10