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Garmin Rino 755t

Do-it-all GPS

Brand: Garmin Gear Reviews

Model: Rino 755t




Our take Our favorite GPS unit/two-way radio gets a software update this year that makes the location sharing feature even easier to use. As with all Rinos in the 600 series, this one lets you show your location to other users and see their locations on your device (via a waypoint on an interactive map). But the 755T upgrades the experience: After you turn on the setting in the easy-to-find menu, whenever you press the radio button (like a walkie-talkie), it automatically shares your location to the map. Testers also lauded the larger screen (3 inches tall) and bigger volume buttons that we could operate while wearing gloves. Also standard: an 8-megapixel camera and weather overlays (if linked to your cell phone). Reality check: This kind of tech isn’t cheap.

Trail cred “Our group of six split up in the Grand Canyon with no qualms because we could see each other on our devices,” said one tester after a 28-mile North Rim epic. “Unless we were in separate side canyons, we could talk on the radios to each other, too.” Note: Garmin claims a radio range of up to 20 miles apart in featureless terrain. In a mountainous region along the Colorado Trail, we maxed out at around 3 miles.