G3 SLAYr 114

Best powder ski

Brand: G3

Model: SLAYr 114



6lbs. 14oz.

For those epic, text-your-friends-immediately-after powder days, we appreciated having the SLAYr underfoot. At 143 millimeters wide at the front and 114 at the waist, this ski is made for the deep stuff but never seemed sloppy when we initiated turns thanks to the carbon-fiber that surrounds the SLAYr’s balsa core. “I felt like I was almost jumping out of every turn, and had a blast bounding down the mountain,” one tester said after a descent of 13,684-foot Bald Mountain outside Breckenridge, Colorado. PU sidewalls and additional layers of aluminum throughout the ski keep chatter to a (relative) minimum in variable conditions, which helped us link smooth (okay, smooth-ish) turns on windboard while coming down St. Vrain Mountain on the border of Rocky Mountain National Park. Bonus: The SLAYr has magnets at the tip and tail for easy carrying and security during transitions. $999; 6 lbs. 14 oz. (178); five lengths