Editors' Choice Snow 2017: G3 ROAMr 100 and ROAMr 100 Elle

These skis won’t weigh you down or jostle you around.

Brand: G3

Model: ROAMr 100 and ROAMr 100 Elle

Most of the skis we test are light—that’s no surprise, as it’s the hallmark of a touring rig. The problem with lightweight skis, however, is on the downhill, where they can be squirrelly on mixed terrain and chattery at high speeds. It’s a compromise we’re used to accepting—but with the ROAMr, we don’t have to.

The trick is relatively simple: In lieu of ABS plastic, G3 uses polyurethane in the sidewalls of its skis. PU is an elastic polymer that absorbs energy (think skateboard wheels); the result is a ski that dampens chatter but still weighs less than 8 pounds for the pair. “Smooth top to bottom, from windbuff, through a powder stash, across a section of hardpack, and back below treeline,” one tester said after a day lapping objectives near Dream and Emerald Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Even our novice testers praised the ride: “Easy to turn,” one proclaimed after our weeklong trip in the Weminuche Wilderness. More savvy skiers might say “snappy” or “responsive,” buzzwords typically associated with carbon-fiber models, but you won’t find any carbon fiber in the ROAMr. Instead, its construction uses fiberglass and two sheets of Titanal aluminum, which makes it a hair heavier and a boatload cheaper. And when the best-performing ski of the year is also the most affordable, consider it the new benchmark for touring.

m’s 167, 172, 177, 182, 187 (135-100-120), w’s 167, 172 (135-100-120); genuineguidegear.com

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