G3 Pivot Trek

The trekking pole with best features of 2021.

Hear us out: Many poles claim to play well in every season, but this one really is built to tackle everything from backcountry skiing to rocky trails to boot-sucking mud. The folding, aluminum Pivot Trek has a thumb-size hole on top of the handle that we used to anchor guy lines while winter camping in the Smokies. A 14-inch packed size makes the Pivot Trek easy to throw on your pack, and it also has a nifty mechanism: The shaft nestles into the handle and magnetically locks with the basket, so the pole won’t unfold accidentally. Interchangeable snow baskets (sold separately; $10) kept us going through mud and slush, and the aluminum construction is plenty sturdy. Plus, removable straps—ideal for winter backcountry adventuring, or for those of us who just don’t like to use them—are a nice touch.

41-49 inches (short), 45-53 inches (long)

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