G3 Minimist Universal

Packable climbing skins

Brand: G3

Model: Minimist Universal

Our take Cut ounces and save precious pack space with these low-bulk skins. Each one packs down to the size of a soup can, and together are lighter than a transceiver—and stay that light even over the course of long tours. “I was the only person out of six on a weekend trip in the Crested Butte backcountry who didn’t need to sleep with my skins in my sleeping bag,” one Colorado tester says. “The Minimists never sopped up excess moisture, because they’re not too plush. They’re more like sandpaper than a fluffy blanket.”

The details The Minimist comes in a 70-percent-mohair, 30-percent-nylon blend (Glide) as well as a 100-

percent-mohair version (Speed) for less grip and more slide. The grip of the nylon skins was fine on everything up to boilerplate.

Trail cred “I was able to fit one rolled-up skin in each hand pocket of my shell, which made transitions on multiple-lap days one step quicker,” another tester says.

XS-L in 100mm, 115mm, 130mm, 145mm

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