Editors' Choice

G3 FINDr 94

We loved technical descents on these light-but-stable planks.

Brand: G3

Model: FINDr 94



6lbs. 4oz.

Stability “I dropped into the 50-degree Tyndall Couloir in Rocky Mountain National Park only to discover it was entirely wind-scoured hardpack,” one tester says. “Falling was not an option, and I felt confident in my edges.” The G3 FINDr’s tip and tail have early rise, but it’s minimal, so there’s plenty of surface contact and grip when you weight it (called the ski’s effective edge). Note: Its straighter profile, which is great for going fast, makes it tougher to maneuver in tight spots.

Touring “The traditional camber profile is great for stability, sure, but I actually thought it was money when going uphill in wet conditions,” one tester says. “Since more of my ski was in contact with the snow, I could get more grip out of my skins.” The FINDr’s poplar-paulownia core is milled down in the tip and tail and edges to save weight. Carbon layers also help shave grams, but not at the expense of the downhill ride: The sidewalls are made of PU, which gives the FINDrs a damper feel than a traditional carbon ski.

Sizes The FINDr also comes in 86- and 102mm waists. 167 (126-94-113), 172 (126-94-113), 177 (126-94-113), 182 (126-94-113)