G3 FINDr 102

Best feature

Brand: G3

Model: FINDr



6lbs. 6oz.

Our take Magnets? Neat! The FINDr now has magnets in its tips and tails, which allow the skis to snap together base-to-base without the need for brakes or aftermarket straps. This makes it easy to keep the FINDrs secure when transitioning and adds security to ultralight, brakeless setups: “The skis stayed put when I was shouldering them or hauling them diagonally on my pack,” one tester says.

The details The 102-underfoot FINDr remains mostly the same, with an aspen core and four carbon layers with PU sidewalls. It’s a construction that we like because it’s pretty light, while the PU minimizes the pingy feeling of a traditional carbon ski (we gave the FINDr’s cousin, the ROAMr, an Editors’ Choice Award in 2017 for the affordable tech). Nice touch: With six lengths to choose from between 164 and 189, there should be a FINDr for every skier who wants to ski the soft stuff but also craves some stability on hardpack.

Trail cred “This ski is so easy to turn it makes me feel like twice the skier I usually am,” our gear editor said after ticking off the steep Skywalker Couloir in Colorado’s Indian Peaks.

6 lbs. 6 oz. (179); six lengths